etracer kit can be bought directly from us. For customers from non-English speaking regions etracer kit can be also bought from our worldwide distributors if local support is desired. Below is a list of our distributors worldwide:



Amtrans Corporation


Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France

Aqua Blue (Diyparadiso)

Thanks for considering purchasing an etracer. A minimum set of etracer contains one etracer PCB and one software license. The Model-01 chassis and the EPP-200-27 power supply are optional.The following pricing applies to worldwide markets except Taiwan.

- PC control software USD$500 (Mandatory)

Each purchase of an etracer PCB requires a single software license.

- Built and tested PCB: USD$350 (Mandatory)

etracer PCB. 21cmx15cmx6cm

- Model-01 chassis with accessories: USD$200 (Optional)



The model-01 chassis is made of high quality 5052 aluminium alloy with a thickness of 1.5mm. Each piece is precisely machined and processed in Taiwan. The default configuration has openings for 10 different types of vacuum tube sockets as shown in the above photos. Please check the Model-01 chassis manual to see what's included in the chassis package.

- Mean Well EPP-200-27 power supply: USD$30 (Optional, must be bought together with the Model-01 chassis)

Mean Well EPP-200-27 mounted on the right panel of Model-01


- Top-B-3 blank top plate for customizing sockets: USD$20 (Optional)

Top-B-3 blank top plate


- Sbox12 auto-wiring module kit set including PCB, chassis and accessories: USD$750 (Optional)

Sbox12 auto-wiring module


New!! 2019/3/1
- Assembly service now available at USD$150 for etracer (Optional)
Due to lots of inquires from people who just want to use etracer as a digital vacuum tester we now offer etracer as a built unit. We always encourage users to build the etracer kit by themselves to get familiar with the etracer hardware but we understand it might be difficult for tubes enthusiasts who don't have exposure to electronics. The lead-time for this assembly service is two weeks. An used-but-test-good Panaflo FBA08A12L hydro-bearing chassis fan is included in this package. The fan is very quiet and durable.

New!! 2019/10/1
- Assembly service for Sbox12: USD$80 (Optional)

The prices above do not include shipping, import tax,etc. The claimed value is based on the hardware shipped and software license fee is not claimed. The shipping weight for a complete etracer set or a compete Sbox12 kit set is about 2.5 kg. The payment can be wired directly to essues's bank account or be made by Paypal with a 6% service fee.

PayPal Logo

Starting from 2019/9/1 we accept payments from companies (not individual) with Payoneer. Payoneer accept payments in local currency (USD, EUR, etc.) by bank transfer with a service rate as low as 1.2%. We highly recommend this payment method for company owners or orders from companies or schools. It is not required to register with Payoneer to use their service!!


Placing an order
Currently order can only be made by contacting us by email or by leaving a message at the website. Please list the items you want to purchase with your contact information (name, address, phone number) for shipping fee calculation. We usually respond to inquires within 24 hours. If you do not receive our email within 48 hours please check your junk mail folder before contacting us.

We ship with DHL to countries outside Asia. We have very good rates with DHL and we have zero delivery issue with DHL so far. Currently the shipping rate is USD$80 to US and USD$85 to most countries in Europe for an etracer kit (2.5kg). The shipping time is two days.

etracer comes with a limited warranty of 30 days. During this warranty period the users can test the PCB and ask a replacement in case the PCB is DOA (Dead On Arrival).

Return Policy
If the customer is not satisfied with etracer for any reason please contact us within 30 days from the time the item is received. Ship back the item and a full refund will be made less applicable fees.

Service and Support
We do our best to support our customers. Repairing service is available and charged by a modest fee. For the worst case a replacement PCB is available at USD$199.99. The customer needs to ship the malfunctioned PCB back for repair or replacement. We have a facebook group dedicated to etracer. Any discussion or feature request can be posted there. The link to the facebook group is:

We can be reach by email or by phone as well.

Before you place an order, please register and download the manuals to get a full understanding of what you will be getting. Features not described in the manuals are not officially supported.

etracer is designed for testing vacuum tubes. Its output voltage can be as high as 800 Volts.

End user agreement:
etracer is a testing equipment designed for professional use. We extensively describe the circuit architecture and the operation principle of etracer in the manuals. Users shall read all related material carefully and thoroughly and understand how to operate etracer safely. We are not responsible for any electric-shock, damage to vacuum tubes, injury or loss of property caused by using  etracer.


Order of the etracer implies you agree with the terms above.

My name is Chris Chang. I got bachelor's degrees in both mathematics and electrical engineering from Fu-Jen Catholic University Taiwan and a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania USA. I've being working in the wired communications industry and studied phone line for more than 15 years. I attended ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union) meetings and I am highly involved in the delopment of the communication standards for copper wires such as ADSL, VDSL and My expertise includes  DSP, communications algorithms, VLSI design and much more. I am entitled in 6 US patents as the first inventor or a solo inventor in wired communications. In year 2016 a serious health issue hit me and I decided to quit the job and pursue something interests me the most. Besides developing etracer I am also doing consulting for various projects. And I am open for any future opportunity.  My profile can be viewed at linkedin:

etracer is sold through my company, essues Technologies Co. Ltd., in Taiwan. For sales inquires please fill in the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

This video clip was created on 12nd September 2017. In this video clip the protection mechanism inside etracer is explained in detail.