Mr. Masahiro Yonezu is the owner of the blog "Dr. AMP Lab." in Japan. Mr. Yonezu posted a series of articles on etracer. He also posted a lot of test results of various tubes with etracer. Get your Google translate ready because the following links are in Japanese:





Mark Walker currently has 13k+ follower on his Youtube Channel "Blueglow". Mark purchased an etracer kit in September 2018 and he made two video clips covering his building process of etracer. Make sure you check out Mark's Youtube Channel for other vacuum tube audio related video clips.

I've heard about Jean Christophe Morrison, or known as J.C. Morrison for about two decades. JC used to write articles for Sound Practice in the 90s and back then I was the translator for Sound Practice Chinese edition. We never met or connected before JC purchased the etracer kit but I did learned a lot from JC's articles and from his blog. It is an honor for me to get such a positive feedback from JC.

SangBeom is the first etracer user in Korea. He is also an owner of utracer. His comments on utracer were the reasons I initiated the design of etracer. SangBeom's website is in Korean. Google Translate works quite well though.

Thanks Ale for writing a review on his initial experience with an etracer. Ale is a famous blogger in valves (vacuum tubes) electronics. His website, Bartola Valves gets more than 1000 clicks per day. Ale is also an owner of a utracer and his comments are impartial. Ale got hit by the VAT(Value Added Tax) badly and he is the guy paid the highest amount of money for an etracer in the world. Based on his experience I adjusted the pricing structure to ease import tax. The link to the full review is:

Please note Ale's review is based on a very old version of software. Ale promised me he will update his review when he gets time.

Click on the following icon to enter Ale's blog.