The etracer software GUI


The GUI (Graphics User Interface) in the etracer software is simple yet effective. It provides two modes of measurements: Quick-Scan mode and Full-Scan mode.

In the Quick-Scan mode the user specify the quiescent operation point for a vacuum tube DUT (Device Under Test) and the software output the measured parameters at that operation point. The Output parameters are: mu, gm and rp. The following is an example output of a measurement made on a 12AX7. Both section are measured simultaneously.

Example output of the Quick-Scan measurement of a 12AX7


In the Full-scan mode the user defines the sweeping ranges and sources for the plate electrode, the grid electrode and possibly a second grid electrode (For pentodes) or a second plate electrode (For Twin-triodes). The software performs a quick curve-tracing following the configured parameters and the curves will be spline-interpolated at the end of curve-tracing to align the data points to the grid on the X-axis. The data points can be saved to a file in the CSV (Column Separated Values) format for further analysis such as matching. The following are some example outputs for a full-scan. The following are a few examples of full-scan measurements.


Full-Scan of a Russian 6C45 triode tube


Full-Scan of a Telefunken EL-156 power pentode with screen biased at 250V